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Digital Dental Examination

Do you wonder if you have a problem with a teeth? With a quick stop to Argyle St Family Dentist in Parramatta you can get the most up to date dental examination. What’s best is you’ll be to see right inside your  mouth yourself with a digital dental examination.

For some time now, our practice has, made frequent use of intra-oral cameras that are able to capture and magnify images taken inside our mouth, including images of your teeth, and digitally display and store them.

More specifically, our practice has invested in the Centaur Media Cam Plus intra- oral camera, which consists of a wand-like device (about the size of a large pen) linked to our computer system.  The camera head itself is rounded and easily- manouvered inside your mouth. We simply focus it on a specific area and capture an image that we are able to magnify on a computer screen.

We can then store that image or series of images as part of your confidential oral health records, along with, for example, other digital information like low- dose radiographs of your teeth, or images taken with our SLR digital camera.

We now use the intra- oral camera as part of our routine dental examination, and as such, it has been a profound innovation for a number of reasons.

Not only are the images produced by it  excellent tools for capturing information, but since they are magnified and high- definition, they can greatly assist us in diagnosing a number of dental conditions, including for example, tooth decay, gum disease, tooth wear and cracks.

If, as is sometimes the case on the rare occasion, a referral to a specialist is necessary, we can then, with your permission, email the stored images to that specialist’s office.

Perhaps more importantly from your point of view, intra- oral cameras and the images they capture and store allow us to show you specific areas of concern inside your  mouth, opening up two-way conversations about your teeth and gums and empowering you to be an active participant in the assessment and monitoring of your own dental health.  Gone are the days when you are forced to imagine what the dentist is talking about when discussing the condition of your teeth, much less accept treatment that you don’t understand or can ill- afford.  Instead, you can actually see what we see inside your mouth, only at a much greater magnification.

As a result, we believe this can put you in a far better position to make informed decisions about the various aspects of your dental treatment, their advantages and disadvantages as well as their costs going into the future.  And this, after all, should be our primary commitment to you, as well as of course, providing you with the highest quality dentistry we can.  Please know that we take these commitments very seriously indeed.

If you are interested in finding out more about our intra-oral camera or any other aspects of our dental practice, please feel free to contact our rooms and make an appointment for a consultation.  The fee for any images taken with either our intra-oral or SLR digital camera is a health- fund only fee with no gap for the service.  However, if you are not in a health fund at all, there is no extra fee for this service.

An elite team of dental professionals can help you reclaim your smile…

By providing a wide array of dental treatment to help restore, rejuvenate and enhance the look, feel, form and function of your smile no matter what condition your teeth are in. Rediscover how it feels to benefit from a beautiful smile and heightened confidence with Argyle Street Family Dental in Parramatta with our ethical dentists and superior care. We believe everyone deserves to smile with confidence and our focus is ensuring this is possible for all our patients.

At Argyle Street Family Dental we utilise a gentle touch to ensure the upmost comfort for our patients…

How you experience our dental practice is important to us, which is why we will always ensure you are completely comfortable throughout your dental treatment. Our dental philosophy is to provide all our patients with high quality treatment combined with an unsurpassed level of care. We value the fundamentals of ethical dentistry and ensure our prices are competitive so you can gain what you need without the burden of a substantial dental bill.

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Our professional dentists and staff are dedicated to ensuring that our patients are as comfortable as possible.


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We are committed to providing the gold standard in customer service so you experience the best.


You deserve a smile that lasts a lifetime, and we use the highest quality treatments to maintain healthy teeth.

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