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Emergency Dentist Parramatta

Anyone that has experienced a dental emergency will know that it’s not a pleasant experience.  At Argyle St Family Dentist, our Westfield Parramatta Clinic is fully equipped to be at your service when you need an emergency dentist.  There are many situations where you may require a dentist at short notice, so it’s important to understand the different kinds of dental signs and symptoms that can show up in an emergency dental setting.

Sign’s you need an emergency dentist.

Dental Pain

Pain from your mouth and teeth will often be very uncomfortable and overwhelming. The most common presentations of dental pain that present in emergencies include:

  • Sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Pain on biting
  • Throbbing or aching from a tooth (usually at night or laying down)

If you’re experiencing any of these dental symptoms it’s important to contact an emergency dentist as soon as possible as you may be at risk of a serious infection.

Facial swelling

Dental swellings associated with the teeth or jaw usually indicate the presence of infection or dental abscess. The reasons that these can arise include tooth decay, infected dental nerves, gum infections, or wisdom teeth problems. A facial swelling is both a dental and medical emergency as some growing swellings can impinge on the airway and compromise breathing. You should call an emergency dentist at first signs of a swelling in the area of the mouth.


Blood running from the mouth, teeth, lips or gums can be due to a number of reasons. The most common cause of bleeding is due to gingivitis or gum disease. However infectious or inflammatory sources of blood can be a serious dental emergency and should be seen by a dental professional as soon as possible.

Facial or dental trauma or accidents

Accidents that cause trauma to the face or jaw reason put people at high risk of damage to the structures in the area including, teeth, nerves and blood vessels.  The most common situations where facial traumas occur include:

  • Sports injuries
  • Car or motor-vehicle accidents
  • Playground accidents

If a facial fracture has occurred then it may be required to see an maxillofacial surgeon to assess whether surgical intervention is required.  In other cases there are many dental outcomes that will be treated in an emergency setting by your dentist.

What happens when I call or turn up for an emergency dental appointment?

When patients call or visit us with a dental emergency they will be asked a series of questions about the severity of their illness, injury or pain.

You will be handled by our experienced staff and senior clinical staff are at hand to assist when required. If your condition needs urgent care, you will be treated at the soonest possible opportunity. Patients with less serious problems may be given pain relief and reassurance of what the long term treatment outcome is.

What should I expect during my visit?

At emergency visits, the our dentists’ will aim to reduce or stop the pain experienced as the first and foremost priority. Depending on the case, after a visit for you emergency dental appointment, more dental treatment may be required.

How much will emergency treatment cost?

The cost of treatment depends on your circumstances. Please don’t hesitate to call our reception desk or your health fund if you have any queries regarding emergency dental fees.

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