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Dental Laser: Painless Dentistry


Painless Dentistry - Parramatta Dentist

At Argyle Street Family Dentist Parramatta, we understand the need for a gentle and more comfortable treatment approach, using the latest innovations in painless dental technologies. We also aspire to provide our patients with affordable, painless and highly effective treatments. Here are some of the reasons we chose to introduce Laser Dental Therapy into our clinic.

Laser has been a revolution in painless dentistry in the last few decades, enabling us to perform many effective dental treatments, that are scientifically proven, painless, bloodless and faster healing with less post-operative pain. This is reassuring when you are faced with complex treatments and the uncertainty of their success, such as root canal treatments, treatments of Gum disease, Pericoronitis (inflammation of soft tissue surrounding a partially erupted wisdom tooth) to name a few.

Benefits of Painless Dental Laser Therapy

  • Painless dentistry
  • Damage to surrounding tissues is minimised
  • Most laser soft tissue procedures may not require sutures (stiches)
  • Some procedure may not even require anesthesia
  • Wounds heal faster and tissues can be regenerated


Painless Dental Laser Therapy Treatments Include:


Removal and reshaping of loose, diseased gums surrounding a tooth. For example, removal of overgrown inflammed gum obscuring access into a decayed tooth that needs to be filled.

Gingival troughing for crown and bridge treatment.

Shaping of irregular and overgrown gum to make the prepping for a crown or bridge process swift, clean and bloodless. This also helps with taking more accurate impressions which result in a better retention.


Removal of the muscular attachment between two tissues that obstruct normal functions and movement of, for example, the tongue resulting in a tongue-tie. Also, the muscular attachments in the inner part of the upper or lower lips which can cause drifting of front teeth and other functional impairments.

Pulpotomies and Root Canal Therapy

Lasers aid in minimizing bacteria in the infected canals using the high-energy beam’s sterilising effects. This helps increase the success of the pulpotomy and root canal therapy, and reduce the stresses associated with having these treatments.


Laser helps minimise bleeding because the high energy light beam aids in the clotting (coagulation) of exposed blood vessels, thus inhibiting blood loss. This is a great way of reducing the uncontrollable bleeding that occurs when doing fillings or root canal therapies, which otherwise prolongs patients time in the stressful dental chair, waiting for the dentist to finish a sometimes stressful procedure.

Treatment of Cold Sores

The high-energy laser beam and the heat associated help reduce the discomfort and duration of the cold sore. With ongoing treatments, some studies show reduction in the occurrence of cold sore episodes.

Exposure of unerupted teeth

Using laser to painlessly make a window incision into the fibrotic tissues that stop/slow the eruption process of a tooth to allow it to come through and reduce the chance of other teeth taking up the space and hence creating unalignment.

Treatment of Pericoronitis 

Laser here can be used to remove that extra floppy gum that hangs over the wisdom teeth, which traps food causing recurrent inflammation and tenderness. This, combined with a scale and clean of the site, is used to help reduce the disease and inflammation causing bacteria and speed the recovery of the area.

Abscess Drainage

Instead of using the traditional scalpel to make incisions for infection drainage, which is very messy and takes longer to heal, laser aids with blood clotting and faster healing of the incision site.

Reducing Gummy Smiles

Dental Lasers can be used to reshape gum lines to expose healthy tooth structure and improve the appearance of your smile.

Painless laser guided periodontal therapy treatment

Laser Periodontal treatment increases positive outcomes when combined with a scale and root planning treatment. This has been backed up by many scientific studies, which show that the combination of these two procedures during a deep cleaning appointment results in a 96.9% decrease in of gum disease causing bacteria, compare to 66.7% decrease without it.

There are other soft tissue treatments that would alternatively be more expensive, painful and take more time out of your busy days, if treated the traditional way. However, with the aid of our laser technology we can now help you finish your treatments painlessly and faster, so you can get on with your busy day without post-operative worries! Talk to one of our Dentists or Oral Health Therapist if you are interested to know more about Laser Therapy in Dentistry and how it can help you with your assigned treatments.

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